Plaztuff™ fabrication


Plaztuff™ businesses have been setup to create new and vibrant commercial entities, built around fabricating a range of products using Plaztuff™ Hyspec polymer sheet, Plaztuff™ fabrication techniques and extrusion welding technology 

Using the protocols, proprietary design and Plaztuff™ Hyspec polymer sheet developed as a replacement for steel, stainless, alumium and fibreglass, Plaztuff™ businesses provide  a wide range of products and services for a wide range of industries.

Plaztuff™ businesses can build to your exact specification using our protocols, specifying engineers and CAD design team we can develop your product using Plaztuff™ materials.

With full CNC and butt welding capablity Enviroplaz International Ltd supplies the Plaztuff™ businesses with a full service center providing extra design perimeters and a range of service which enhance those Plaztuff™ businesses

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Above is a fabricated food waste collection truck body  fabricated from Plaztuff™  sheet using Plaztuff™ fabrication techniques

This truck body  holds 4,000 kg of food waste with the truck body weight being around 500kg

it won't rust rot or corride has no steel in the truck body other than the door hinges and lifting units used for lifting the food waste trough and wheelie bins