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New Product album





- Glass collection unit with collection trough Playground art Red Beach, Auckland ready to be renovated Playground renovated with Plaztuff Surround water blasting trailer with Plaztuff tank and guards back end of water blasting trailer waste storage tanks for Airworks, Ardmore 5000 litre tanker for Thailand 5000 litre truck tanker ready for delivery Iveco van floor and walls bunker system for Ecostock, Auckland Roof and satellite dish stand, Albany, Auckland




Truck and Transport Industry





Waste Industry

- Plaztuff waste food truck body Plaztuff Waste food truck body right side Plaztuff Liquid fertizer tanker 14,000 Lts Plaztuff Container tank built to full up a 20' container for ease of transport Plaztuff fire 8000 lt tanker with storage lockers Plaztuff 10,000 lt water tanker Plaztuff 10,000 tanker unit Plaztuff 30m hook bin Plaztuff 30m hook bin on truck Plaztuff spray unit for landcruizer
- 1.5m Plaztuff Front loading bin 2m Plaztuff skip bin 2m Plaztuff skip bin with extension 30m Plaztuff cladded hook bin 3m Plaztuff front loading Bin 3m Plaztuff skip bin






Marine Industry









- Plaztuff Centre console Unit Plaztuff dory under construction Plaztuff airboat ready for fit out Plaztuff airboat under construction Plaztuff 6 m barge ready for water Plaztuff barge under construction Plaztuff dock East Tamaki River Plaztuff dock getting finishing touches Plaztuff boat lifter in operation Pauanui waterways Plaztuff boat lifter under construction Plaztuff boat lifter ready to be transported to new home Plaztuff work boat used for transporting a 4 wheeler Plaztuff work boat with load Plaztuff copy of pelin dory Plaztuff dory under construction