Enviroplaz International Limited

is a company setup to promote and sell two distinctive innovative technologies

Enviroplaz International limited has established its head office in Hong Kong allowing it to access and grow within the ASEAN region and then further afield towards its global markets

Enviroplaz New Zealand limited is a sister company which operates the business in New Zealand and managers the oversea companies under a management contract  




Plaztuff™ is a highly specified polymer sheet has been designed as a replacement or to complement steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass in a range of applications for a wide range of industry

The Plaztuff™ technology is fully commercialised and growing steadily in markets both in New Zealand and offshore 

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launch of new 150 tonne Plaztuff displacement barge made for Flagship Marine as their new Sales office, Westhaven Marina, Auckland, NZ


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Latest news on Plazrok

Plazrok™ is a manufactured lightweight polymer aggregate designed to replace conventional aggregates in a range of concrete applications.

Plazrok™ not only provides a range of benefits to concrete but uses all plastic waste without the need to sort or separate along with a range of other waste product derived from landfills

Plazrok™ is now ready for commercialisation, with its manufacturing processes having now been developed and it is now undergoing a lengthy testing regime proving the concept

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Both these technologies have been developed in New Zealand over the Last 20 years.